Why I became passionate about coaching

Why I became passionate about coaching

I’ll be honest.  The concept of coaching never entered my mind before.

As a trained therapist and psychiatrist, I was focused on healing from within my training, and helping to the mental health of my patients.  I love being a physician and helping others heal and grow.

Yet, I also found that many of my patients were busy professionals who were looking for more.  They wanted to talk about how to manage busy family units, and how to be the best they could professionally in addition to how to manage their anxiety or depression.  They wanted to talk about overcoming their panic attacks, stabilizing their moods, overcoming imposter syndrome, and expanding their presence as a leader when building their businesses.  Those concerns were all mixed together.  Of course they were!  Our lives are not compartmentalized so neatly to say that mental health can be separate from juggling our busy households or climbing the corporate ladder.

As a busy working professional and mother of 3 young children, I found myself gravitating towards those conversations about the push and pull of personal life and professional life, and how to manage them.  I realized that maximizing professional satisfaction and achieving leadership goals could only give rise from a place of overall health, mentally and physically.

I came across an article by  Jim Paterson in Counseling Today that looked at the difference between therapy and coaching.  In this article, Jim explores how therapy is different than coaching, and how coaching focuses on the future and creating new paths, while therapy focuses on the past and healing from illness.  In broad strokes, this may be true, but it made me wonder about the ability to do both for my patients – because people don’t separate their pasts from their presents or future.

At that point, I realized that with my background and training, I could start to merge the separateness of coaching and therapy and tear down the arbitrary wall between them.  I could follow my passion and incorporate all of my training to offer whatever is most suited for my patient, through the lens of maximizing both personal and professional well-being.

And that’s why I decided to create LuvLuk.

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