About LuvLuk

Meet our team

Dr. Linda Kim is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist with many years of clinical and leadership experience.  While actively maintaining a busy clinical practice, Linda became Chief of Psychiatry for 5 years, and then became an executive leader as  Chair and Director for the entire Northern California region, leading the strategic operations of the mental health delivery system for a large health organization, serving over 4 million members.

During this time, she became passionate about how to offer mental health care tailored to address the unique challenges that women need support with – conception, infertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and menstrual cycle issues.

Luvluk offers virtual psychiatric care, therapy, and coaching

LuvLuk offers care for the modern women.  We get it.  You’re busy.  Taking the time to run to your car, commute, sit in traffic, and find parking is not your priority.

That’s why LuvLuk can offer telemedicine, virtual therapy, and virtual coaching.  We strive to be seamlessly incorporated into your life.

Because of the virtual nature of our work together, there may be some instances where psychiatric care and therapy offered through LuvLuk may not offer the intensity of services that you need. For example, we may not be the right fit for you if you have need for multi-day/week services, have active and serious drug or substance use, have complicated eating disorder conditions, or have active safety risks such as thoughts of harming yourself or others.  Also, LuvLuk does not provide any legal evaluations or certifications, including but not limited to disability, FMLA, or school/work accommodations.  Rest assured, we will provide you with alternative options for care if that is the case.